Who’s On Your Team?

Let’s face it, you can’t do it all on your own.

Even the greatest basketball player probably couldn’t win just by himself against the worst team in the league.

“You can be the best player on the worst team and you’ll never win a championship”


“You can be the worst player on the best team and win a championship every time”

Napoleon Hill, in his classic book Think & Grow Rich talked extensively about having your mastermind group.

“Your mastermind group forms a third more powerful mind”

He highlighted that all the greats up through his day were part of extraordinary teams.

If it was essential for them, maybe it should be essential for you to be on an extraordinary team.

How do I pick a good team?

Find people you want to be like.  People that are already living the life you desire or are heading in that direction.

You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

What if no one around me is like that? 

How can I still get on a good team?

Associating with great people doesn’t mean you have to physically be with them.

I’ve found in my life that some of my greatest mentors and team members have come as authors, thought leaders, dignitaries, etc.  Most of whom I have never met but have still fulfilled that role and played a major impact on my life.

If you don’t have those great people around you, be around them by reading their books, listening to their audio programs, or finding their free stuff on YouTube or the like.

So, who’s on your team?

Here are a few people I’ve put on my team:


Kenton Worthington

Kenton Worthington


Nathan Ricks

Nathan Ricks


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