Nathan Ricks: The Future of Network Marketing

Will network marketing die?  What is the future of the direct selling industry?

Industry legend, Nathan Ricks has just appeared on the Eric Worre – Go Pro Recruiting Mastery seminar and predicted the future of the direct selling/network marketing/MLM industry.

In this five minute clip Nathan details out 6 reasons why this industry will grow, and grow big.

#1 – Need for Supplemental Income
#2 – Need to be Active & Engaged
#3 – More Efficient Business Model
#4 – The World is Now a Network
#5 – Rewards Equal Contribution
#6 – Unparrelelled Growth Rates

As long as I have known Nathan Ricks, he has been a visionary.  The claims or predictions he has made about the future have all come true.

Are you up for the future of what Nathan calls the new network marketing industry?  Are you wanting to work with Nathan Ricks and myself? If so, contact me below!

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