Nathan Ricks Interviewed by Eric Worre

Nathan Ricks: The $50 million dollar man

Nathan Ricks is a highly respected and sought after leader in the network marketing industry.  Having been able to work with him over the last decade has been an incredible experience for me.

Nathan has caught the attention of Eric Worre, an industry veteran, who also now has a hugely popular internet show entitled Network Marketing Pro.

Nathan’s first interview became the number one viewed segment on Eric’s new channel.  To date Nathan has made a number of appearances, which you can see  below, and has shared much of his valuable information.

For more details on how you too can become like Nathan Ricks watch the videos below.

First Interview

Additional Interview

What I’ve Learned

The one thing I picked up is that Nathan mentions over and over again in each one of these videos that you have to have these two things:

  1. Focus
  2. Consistency

Without it.. Nothing else happens.

What should I focus on?

Nathan says, “meeting the key objectives of the compensation plan”.  Focus on people.

I’ve gotten to know Nathan Ricks over the last ten years and I must say that he is highly focused and hugely committed.  In short he is intense!   It has been a joy and an honor to be working with him.

Thank you Nathan for your leadership and example!

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