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Nathan RicksNathan Ricks has earned in excess of $50 million USD from Nu Skin. Nathan started late in Nu Skin but has become the largest distributor in Nu Skin’s history, controlling over 60% of Nu Skin revenue on a global basis.

“You put them in the room, I’ll put them in the business” – Nathan Ricks.

Nathan was responsible for identifying and bringing the BioPhotonic Scanner technology to Nu Skin which has generated revenue for the company in excess of 6 billion USD.

Before joining Nu Skin, Nathan was an active real estate professional owning his own brokerage firm in Salt Lake City, UT.  He was also a top sales associate for AT&T, gaining and maintaining for them their biggest accounts in Utah.

Since beginning his Nu Skin career in 1989 he has achieved and created much success.  In his first 24 months at Nu Skin he created an independent distributor force of 100,000 people. Today Nathan’s worldwide sales organization called One Team Global (OTG) is in excess of 500,000 distributors in 52 countries. One Team Global is responsible for the movement of nearly 1 billion USD in Nu Skin/Pharmanex products annually. Nathan is currently a 16 year Team Elite Executive and member of the $20 Million Dollar Circle.

Other notable achievements while at Nu Skin include:

  • Creating the worlds 7th largest satellite broadcast system in the early 90’s to deliver training broadcasts to his distributors.
  • Held the largest “live” telephone conference call in 1991 and maxed out the system capacity of 10,000 callers.
  • Created the sales video “Catching the Wave” that sold over 3 Million copies
  • Created the “Right Place, Right Time, Right Now” Audio tape series which has sold over 2 million copies in 8 years.
  • Created the “Health Report for the 90’s” video and “Real People” Video both of which sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the USA.

Nathan was also instrumental in the launch of many new international markets for Nu Skin one of which being Japan where Nu Skin achieved the highest first year sales of any foreign company in Japan’s history. Year 1 sales: $135 million.

With the proceeds of his global Nu Skin business Nathan has invested wisely and has become one of the largest commercial real estate developers and investors in the state of Utah.

He is currently an Owner/Partner of Canyon Park Technology Center in Orem, UT, one of the largest multi-tenant office complexes in the U.S. with over 1,000,000 Square Feet of space.  He has developed additional world-class commercial buildings, attracting new companies, including computer giant Microsoft, to Utah.

Today Nathan is still actively involved in the Nu Skin opportunity, promoting it and letting the world know of our journey to 5 billion in annual revenue.  He is also a devoted husband and family man having a beautiful wife and four daughters.


Nathan Ricks and Richard Worthington

Nathan Ricks and Richard Worthington

“I learned more from Nathan Ricks my first year at Nu Skin than I did in the five years prior” – Richard Worthington

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