Leadership Training – Day 2

truth-hurtsI’m exhausted!  Another incredible session! A results workshop; I knew this day would be magical and I was right.

Something amazing happens when you look deep down inside and can be real and honest with yourself.  To look at yourself openly and pull out those things that are stopping your progress, stopping you from getting what you really want, is something most people just don’t do.  The truth hurts sometimes but it is so liberating and rewarding.

Yes, I’m tired and emotionally worked out.  But it is like a great bike ride or a strenuous hike in the mountains.  Once you are done, the view from the top is amazing and invigorating.  Makes you want to do it again.

From today’s session here are some of my experiences and what I found most beneficial:

“What is the story you are telling yourself why you can’t do this?”  I was doing the rationalization exercise and as I was writing I wrote down a sentence that I originally thought in my mind wasn’t it.  However, I wrote it down anyways.  Once i got it down on paper I had to just stop.  I had that feeling and realized that this is it.  This is the thing that was stopping me.  It’s in these moments when we are open and willing that the truth can come out and then change can happen.  We can get out those things that subconsciously we are letting stop us and we don’t even know it!  Get them out and get them fixed.  It’s liberating!

There is power when you create a plan and know the deadlines.  Positive pressure is created that propels you into action.  “Never leave the site of setting a goal without taking some sort of action towards its attainment.”  Knowing your purpose, why you are doing something, is like igniting the fuel to your dreams.  If the purpose and passion are there and clear then the outcome is just a matter of time.

I created my RPM plan for two important objectives in the area of my Nu Skin business.  I know getting these done will have a great impact on my business but also for others around me.  Having these written down with my exact result and purpose combined with exact dates for completion is “propelling”.  I’ve got work to do to get these done! 🙂

Here are some notes and quotes I wrote down from today’s exercise.  Let me know how your day 2 went in the comments below.

  • Congratulations!  Most people don’t get this far.  “If you are here I know you are one of the few who do versus the many that talk.”
  • Give things a powerful and positive meaning – don’t beat yourself up. “Now I know it so I can change it”
  • Nothing gets better until you admit something is wrong!  No one wants to admit that.  It sounds so horrible.  But if it isn’t at the level you want it, it’s wrong!  If it’s not at the level you’d be proud of it’s wrong, because you deserve to have it right!
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  1. Amberlie Hanks says:

    Waking up this morning with purpose was thrilling! I got right out of bed… (I don’t even need an alarm clock anymore being on Vitality!) Got bundled up, knelt in prayer, then went outside tromping through the snow! This experience was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… Just typing this I’m emotional. I followed step by step Tony’s directions on how to start your day off. The movement & breath, then onto the Get Grateful & Visualize… This put me over the edge! Life is too short not to take the time for this each & everyday, I don’t see how I could ever skip this in my life again! Then I did my Incantations…To say it was a bit awkward is an understatement, this is something I need to practice each day. I can only imagine how I looked tromping through the snow, crying & talking out loud to myself! Hahaha that just made me laugh! 🙂
    So, I already know this is life changing, I already see the difference and impact it is having on my life.
    Onto Day 2. What’s preventing you from taking action? This was the moment of truth… To stop & think about the negative emotions that are preventing me I had to get completely honest with myself-Scary! I noticed that I totally use softeners, and nothing will ever get better unless I admit something is wrong!
    I have always thought of myself as a super positive person, but I now realize that it is more directed with others than myself… I would say to myself “I’m proud of the person I am” and in some areas that is absolutely true, but I will not go another day without raising the standards for myself… The difference in people’s lives is the difference in their standards. A quote from today that I loved was ” Mediocrity is anytime you settle for less than who you really are”.
    I am excited and “juiced” for tomorrow! Bring it on!

    • Scottie Swenson says:

      Amberlie, thank you SO much for being so candid in your comments. I loved reading them. Your excitement and dedication got me even more excited about doing this. I was thinking about what Tony said about the Seventh Power and how we need to have a peer group that helps us raise our standards, how we need an environment that reinforces us for doing what we’re committed to. You, through your comments, have provided me with that support. Thank you. And, imagine what else is coming up in the next few days! Man, I’m stoked!

  2. Scottie Swenson says:

    Thanks Richard for giving us this program! I started day 2 yesterday and finished it today. It was definitely disturbing to look at my life and be honest with myself. Looking at yourself under a magnifying glass isn’t always fun but one thing that I found as I did it was how the changes that I must make won’t be difficult. One old, false belief I had was that it was going to be hard. It’ll be too much work. But as I took the time during the workshop to really calculate what needed to be done, I found that it won’t require that much work at all. And changing that belief (and others) was empowering to me. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m pumped for what’s coming!

  3. it has been an incredible journey to see what lies i’ve been repeating to myself, and that i’ve really been pushing away from the problem instead of working towards a solution.
    i loved that he gave me a tool to help me react better: a great question i can ask myself. he invited us (more specifically, me) to ask ourselves, “what would i have to believe to feel this way?” when we are feeling frustrated, discouraged, etc. i realized that in certain instances where i feel frustrated or overwhelmed, i have feelings attached with beliefs, and they are influencing the way i act–negatively. my beliefs about a situation are true and very real in my head. whether i believe i can or can’t, i am right because that is what i believe. this had a huge impact on me, and i am catching myself asking that the last few days more often than i would like, but it is always good to re-evaluate.
    this has been an incredible self-mastery and discovery for me, and as i go through this program/gift, i find myself hoping that i’ve contributed to more than hurt others in my own insecurities. i find myself wondering why i’ve been letting myself believe the stories i tell, and why i haven’t taken up the mantra “never again.”
    thanks for your thoughts and insights, richard, amberlie, and scotty.

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