Leadership Training – Welcome

Great teams and organizations are started and led by great leaders.  You are the coach and the president of your organization, and most importantly you are the coach and president of your life.

You have been specifically selected to participate in this special leadership training.  If you play full out, and give this your all, you will experience something you’ve never experienced and this will be a ride like you’ve never been on before.

This program will consist of nine days worth of material and exercises designed to focus on the major areas of your life.  Get all the major areas of your life working together and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.  Each day you will listen to the prescribed audio and then complete the associated exercise in the workbook.  The program will take place everyday, for the next nine days, except for Sunday.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

This is completely private.  The answers you write in your workbook will not be shared with anyone unless you want to. This is designed to be about you and who you will become as a person.

Let me give you some quick pointers that will help you get the most out of this leadership development course.

  1. Give it 100% – play full out, be all in – this is your life we are talking about!
  2. Dedicate uninterrupted time – put the kids away, turn off the cell phone and be completely focused.
  3. Take notes – sit up in a chair, don’t lay down and write down those phrases or ideas that catch your attention.  The workbook is designed for you to take notes on the back of the pages.
  4. Do the written exercises – this is the most important part!  It is one thing to listen to the audio cd’s but it’s something entirely different to actually sit down and focus on the exercises.  This is where the change will happen.
  5. Do it first thing in the morning – be consistent and set the tone of your day by getting this done first thing.  Get up an hour earlier if you have to.  You should all be on Vitality anyways.

As we go along through these days I’ll be posting statements I find interesting and thoughts I have on the topic of the day.  Feel free to post your thoughts and comments as well.  Most importantly, have fun and get excited!  You are about to change your life!

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