Leadership Training – Day 4 & 5

Relationships: An area of life that if handled can bring an emense amount of joy and fulfilment into your life.  On the other hand, if it handeled ineffectively untouched and be the leading cause of pain in your life.  I think we’ve all experinced some of these emotions.  If not we’ve seen it in others that are around us.

I’ve seen even in my own family, relationships that have ended and others that probably should have ended.  In my own life, the times where I’ve gone to give, the result had been amazing or when I was selfish, and thought only about me, then things began to break down.  Getting the relationship handled is critical to a peak performance life.

As we all know, but sometimes it’s a great reminder, nothing stays the same.  Everything is in a state of constant change.  What is good today may not be so tomorrow unless we continue to put focus and time into it.

Life is good but it is always better when you are sharing it with someone that you care deeply about.

1.  Everything in life must grow – if it doesn’t it dies

2.  You must contribute – anything that doesn’t contribute is eventually eliminated

A relationship is a place where you go to give.

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