Leadership Training – Day 1

I wasn’t really expecting this on day 1!  After three pages of notes and completing the exercise for today in the journal, I came out with a major personal breakthrough.  I had a serious “aha moment” and became aware of something that I can change, something that I need to change in order to have the quality of life that I deserve.  Since “the quality of [my] life is the quality of the emotions [I] consistently experience.”

I am a bit overwhelmed right now.  I’ve just given a workout to my emotions and discovered an area of pain.  But most importantly, I realized what I can do to change it, to improve it.  That’s the fun and exciting part and I did it by asking better questions while focusing on the triad.

I resonate with Tony when he says we must be kindred spirits since he started listening to tapes way back when he was 17.  I’ve always had a desire to have an extraordinary and outstanding life.  I’ve never wanted to settle for the status quo.  That is what still drives me today.  I too realized at a young age I needed to learn things that most people just weren’t willing to learn, or didn’t learn, so as to have the highest possible quality of life.  Here are a few thoughts that caught my attention from today’s lesson:

  • I’ve never stopped reading. I’ve never stopped learning.  I was looking for the edge.  The “life advantage” – to experience life from the peak.
  • “I’m skeptical about this stuff” – No, you’re gutless.  You’re scared.  You’re afraid to get your hopes up.
  • Self Honesty – “We lie to ourselves so much.  That is why we don’t have what we want.  you can’t lie to yourself and expect to have the truth be a part of your life and have success that comes from the truth.”
  • “One phrase will wake something up inside you.”
  • In order to feel this way what would I have to believe?

I’m glad I could get honest with myself today, even though it was a bit painful.  It was also liberating.  Today I hope you experienced the same kind of change.  I hope you had an “opening” moment where you could feel and discover what may be missing and to put in place a plan to fulfill that in your life.

Thank you for participating.  Thank you for playing full out!  Enjoy this journey!  Let me know your thoughts and comments on day 1 below.

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  1. Amberlie Hanks says:

    WOW! Just reading your thoughts on day 1 Richard just completely resonated with me! Thanks you for your thoughts! This has already begun to mold & shape me in the right direction. Yesterday I had a super painful experience… I woke up and started my day off with Get The Edge, & you said it best, I had an emotional workout! By 9am I was confronted with some hurtful truths. The way I handled it is already different than I would have a few days ago. I am in control of my own life, and I will only be negatively affected by what I allow to do so, what I focus on & the questions I ask.
    The TRIAD is an amazing concept! I know that cultivating the emotion of gratitude will be a most powerful tool for me.
    I am absolutely ready for these changes that are happening in my life. I am ready to be honest with myself, so I can live my life with passion today & everyday!
    Today my gratitude is for you… For giving me this gift! Thanks a billion times, it means more than you know!

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