The Holy Grail of Network Marketing:

What you need to become an International Super Star

This book takes all the experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the past 16 years and boils it down into a step by step plan that should be part of every distributors business growth strategy.

It has been said that International Expansion is the Holy Grail of network marketing. Why then are you going unprepared?

Would you start your MLM business without any training? Many do and fail. Why then would you go expand your business internationally without proper training as well?

Don’t waste a good market opening just for the experience of what not to do. Nail it the first time with proper education.

With this First of its Kind Book you’ll learn

  • To Dominate New Market Openings For You And Your Team
  • How To Accelerate Your Income
  • Protect Yourself From Major Losses
  • Effectively Gauge New Markets
  • Avoid the Biggest Mistakes In New Market Development
  • How and When to Start
  • When and How to Travel
  • How To Effectively Deal With Foreign Language Barriers
  • How To Increase Your Recruiting And Success Both At Home And Abroad
  • Confidence In Leading Your Team Internationally
  • Finding Prospects In Foreign Countries
  • Avoid Loosing Time, Energy, And Money

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