First Post – the purpose

purposeWhen doing anything there is always a purpose or reason behind it. As you get to know me, or meet me in person, you’ll learn that I’m a little bit more reserved and like to keep things to myself.  However, I’ve realized there is a huge need in getting information and resources out to the masses.

I’ve learned a lot over the last 7 years with Nu Skin and 12 years total in the network marketing industry.  I can share insights and knowledge to make a valuable contribution to others as they grow their businesses and work towards their dreams.

So, my purpose here is to share information.  To create a place for me to give back, as so many great people have generously given to me.  A place where I can promote and recognize my team for their honest accomplishments.  A place to teach and to train.  A place to share with the world our mission and our values.  A place to plant the flag of freedom.  To show others the road we’ve traveled and how to follow along if they choose.  I want to leave the world a better place.  To pass on a legacy of doing good and serving others.  I sincerely hope that together we can accomplish that here.

About Richard Worthington

Richard Worthington is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and mentor.

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  1. i am excited for you to fulfill your purpose and mission statement! from the interaction i’ve had with you the last little while of my short life, i’ve come to treasure the insights you have given me. you have loads of experience and knowledge both in your profession and in your life, but more importantly you have passion. this will be a gift that you can give to others, and i guarantee you WILL leave the world a better place.

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