Kenton Worthington – A Nu Skin Team Elite Rock Star

Richard Worthington & Kenton Worthington

My brother, Kenton Worthington, is a true professional, a man of his word and full of integrity.  The thing that impresses me the most about him is his generosity.  He is one of the most generous men I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying all this because he is my brother; he truly is an amazing … [Read more...]

ageLOC Release Stampede


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Richard Worthington talks with Nu Skin President Scott Schwerdt

Richard Worthington and Scott Schwerdt

I had the chance to chat with Nu Skin Regional President, Scott Schwerdt before my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.  The forecast there is amazing.  I think you can tell from this video that he is super excited. He made mention of a couple particular points that I thought were … [Read more...]

Fight Aging From the Inside with LifePak® Nano


Did you know that in addition to exceptional skin care products, Nu Skin also offers advanced anti-aging nutritional supplements? Nu Skin's flagship anti-aging nutritional product is LifePak® Nano—a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that provides the optimum amount of more than 60 antioxidants, … [Read more...]

Nathan Ricks Bio

Nathan Ricks

Nathan Ricks has earned in excess of $50 million USD from Nu Skin. Nathan started late in Nu Skin but has become the largest distributor in Nu Skin’s history, controlling over 60% of Nu Skin revenue on a global basis. "You put them in the room, I'll put them in the business" - Nathan … [Read more...]

Nathan Ricks Driving Lines


Nathan Ricks has been described as the King of network marketing. The Nathan Ricks Driving lines Presentation has become.  Now in this video he delves deep into the philosophies and strategies of building a large and lucrative network marketing business. In his presentation he entitles "Driving … [Read more...]

Nu Skin’s Media Exposure Storm

Nu Skin Media Highlights

Have you ever had someone ask “why haven’t I seen this on TV?”  Many people look at media exposure as validation that something is good or of value.  Depending on how much and how good that attention is could mean how good the product is. Nu Skin has received so much media attention that it … [Read more...]

Nathan Ricks – An Incredible Mentor – One of Nu Skin’s Best

Nathan Ricks and Richard Worthington

Nathan Ricks:  The $50 Million Dollar Man When you think of meeting Nu Skin’s number one distributor, a lot of different thoughts would probably run through your mind as to what kind of person that individual must be. His Reputation Precedes Him I first heard of Nathan Ricks before I met … [Read more...]

Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner on The Dr. Oz Show

Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner

What's Your Score? Nu Skin’s BioPhotonic Scanner was recently on the Dr. Oz Show. Click here to view May 17th marked a monumental day.  The response to this segment has been tremendous. The scanner has been an incredible tool for assessing the level of skin carotenoid antioxidants. … [Read more...]

Flying Private on “Air Nathan” with Nathan Ricks

Richard Worthington Jet

Hey everybody!  We just landed in Los Angeles, California for the Nu Skin 2011 Kickoff Meeting and the official launch of ageLoc Vitality.  Flying private is the only way to go!  Especially when you have a chance to hop on "Air Nathan" with Nathan Ricks as your pilot.  Nathan is the proud owner … [Read more...]