Nathan Ricks Driving Lines


Nathan Ricks has been described as the King of network marketing. The Nathan Ricks Driving lines Presentation has become.  Now in this video he delves deep into the philosophies and strategies of building a large and lucrative network marketing business. In his presentation he entitles "Driving … [Read more...]

Nathan Ricks – An Incredible Mentor – One of Nu Skin’s Best

Nathan Ricks and Richard Worthington

Nathan Ricks:  The $50 Million Dollar Man When you think of meeting Nu Skin’s number one distributor, a lot of different thoughts would probably run through your mind as to what kind of person that individual must be. His Reputation Precedes Him I first heard of Nathan Ricks before I met … [Read more...]

Leadership Training – Day 4 & 5

Relationships: An area of life that if handled can bring an emense amount of joy and fulfilment into your life.  On the other hand, if it handeled ineffectively untouched and be the leading cause of pain in your life.  I think we've all experinced some of these emotions.  If not we've seen it in … [Read more...]

Leadership Training – Day 3

"Massive action solves all problems", Nathan Ricks, a very successful business man in my life, has pounded this statement into my head over the last 7 years.  Day three of our results workshop has ended with exactly that - massive action. Give up the story - go for the results Massive action … [Read more...]

Leadership Training – Day 2

I'm exhausted!  Another incredible session! A results workshop; I knew this day would be magical and I was right. Something amazing happens when you look deep down inside and can be real and honest with yourself.  To look at yourself openly and pull out those things that are stopping your … [Read more...]

Leadership Training – Day 1

I wasn't really expecting this on day 1!  After three pages of notes and completing the exercise for today in the journal, I came out with a major personal breakthrough.  I had a serious "aha moment" and became aware of something that I can change, something that I need to change in order to have … [Read more...]

Leadership Training – Welcome

Great teams and organizations are started and led by great leaders.  You are the coach and the president of your organization, and most importantly you are the coach and president of your life. You have been specifically selected to participate in this special leadership training.  If you play … [Read more...]