Nathan Ricks: The Future of Network Marketing

Will network marketing die?  What is the future of the direct selling industry? Industry legend, Nathan Ricks has just appeared on the Eric Worre - Go Pro Recruiting Mastery seminar and predicted the future of the direct selling/network marketing/MLM industry. In this five minute clip … [Read more...]

The Perfect Business – How Does Your Business Compare?

My travel agent sent this over to me and thought that I should read it.  I think he wasn’t feeling too good about his business that day.  Finding the perfect business can be hard. I'm not sure who wrote this, but interesting none the less.  See how your business stacks up. AH PERFECTION: … [Read more...]

Kenton Worthington – A Nu Skin Team Elite Rock Star

Richard Worthington & Kenton Worthington

My brother, Kenton Worthington, is a true professional, a man of his word and full of integrity.  The thing that impresses me the most about him is his generosity.  He is one of the most generous men I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying all this because he is my brother; he truly is an amazing … [Read more...]

Building Network Marketing Internationally

Richard Worthington in Croatia

I just returned home from a six week, eight country, European tour and I wanted to give you some thoughts and insights on how you too can build a global business.  Building network marketing internationally can be the holy grail of this industry, offering major travel, free time and prestige. In … [Read more...]

MLM – Network Marketing Global Expansion

colorful map of the world

Are you expanding your MLM / Network Marketing business internationally? Learn how to do it like the pro's   Would you start your MLM business without any training? Many do and fail. Why then would you go expand your business internationally without any training as well? Save … [Read more...]

Who’s On Your Team?

Let's face it, you can't do it all on your own. Even the greatest basketball player probably couldn't win just by himself against the worst team in the league. "You can be the best player on the worst team and you'll never win a championship" or "You can be the worst player on the best … [Read more...]

ageLOC Release Stampede


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Nathan Ricks Interviewed by Eric Worre


Nathan Ricks: The $50 million dollar man Nathan Ricks is a highly respected and sought after leader in the network marketing industry.  Having been able to work with him over the last decade has been an incredible experience for me. Nathan has caught the attention of Eric Worre, an industry … [Read more...]

Richard Worthington talks with Nu Skin President Scott Schwerdt

Richard Worthington and Scott Schwerdt

I had the chance to chat with Nu Skin Regional President, Scott Schwerdt before my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.  The forecast there is amazing.  I think you can tell from this video that he is super excited. He made mention of a couple particular points that I thought were … [Read more...]

Fight Aging From the Inside with LifePak® Nano


Did you know that in addition to exceptional skin care products, Nu Skin also offers advanced anti-aging nutritional supplements? Nu Skin's flagship anti-aging nutritional product is LifePak® Nano—a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that provides the optimum amount of more than 60 antioxidants, … [Read more...]