A Little About Me…

Richard WorthingtonRestart, Rebuild, Restore

When I was younger, I used to restore old jeeps. There was something deeply fulfilling about taking something that looked like nothing and turning it into something amazing. With each project, I was able to add my own customized touch—building a unique restoration with a perfect balance of honoring its past and personalizing its future.

I spend a lot less time in the garage now, but the essence of my work hasn’t really changed. Now, I help people restart, rebuild, and restore their passions. Now, I teach them to capitalize on their past experiences and skills in order to establish their future. Now, I empower the disenfranchised, the zealous, and the entrepreneurs to renew their aspirations.

How I Got Here

My passion for restoring old cars was just one step in a lifetime of experiences which each leading me to where I am today. It was just one part in understanding where true freedom lies, and what the future holds.

When I was seven years old, my dad started a landscaping business; and by the time I was 15, I knew the business backward and forward. As a teen I still worked for him, but even at that early age I was beginning to venture out on my own. At 17 I bought a set of instructional video tapes on how to invest in the stock market; and by 19, I had made and lost a fortune—traded more than three-quarters of a million dollars, all from a $5,000 investment.

I was introduced to my first MLM when I was 18—by my brother, who showed me some of the advantages available to those who success in the business—and by 21, I was committed to the lifestyle full time. I knew it would give me the freedom I was looking for my life. It’s been a long journey, but it’s still not over. This is my path—not only for right now, but for a long time into the future.

How I Do It

Richard Worthington on Stage SpeakingThe vehicle I’ve used to find my success—and help thousands of others do the same—is multi-level marketing or network marketing. Whatever preconceived notions you have about MLMs, you’re probably right. When done wrong, network marketing can be your worst nightmare. It too often focuses on earning money instead of building wealth, enrolling friends and family instead of business-minded individuals, and working less instead of working smarter. As those involved with MLMs move away from correct business principles—and into an unsustainable realm of hype or dormancy—it doesn’t do anything but detract from the significant benefits of this business model.

Many people are attracted to an MLM opportunity because of its flexibility and opportunity, and have bold ambitions to change the world. They have the desire and they really want to do good in the world. I know how to do it right—so you really can capitalize on the MLM opportunity.

What separates me from so many others is having a road map to do it and having been down that road before. When I got started in the industry, I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t have an understanding of how to do it. And I didn’t have anyone that would take me by the hand and show me how to do it. I just had a dream.
And now I want to make sure no one else encounters those roadblocks on their own journey.

What I Offer

There are three necessary elements for a successful business opportunity:

  • A quality, experienced team
  • A proven, understandable system
  • Relevant, relatable results

A great team can make all the difference. It wasn’t until I joined such a team that I really saw my business begin to grow. And I provide a team that’s flexible and diverse enough that absolutely anyone can plug into it, but structured enough that they’ll be confident in their support system.

A clear system—which can be easily duplicated, focusing on how to build real success—allows people from all over the world to seamlessly plug in to this way of doing business and find their individual success. Not only that, but other MLMs break down if your team gets too big. Your return on your investment diminishes, and you simply plateau. But I offer a way where you can gather 5,000 people in a stadium and have them all love each other.

And being able to see both immediate and long-term results from your efforts not only creates the motivation we all need, but also the sustainable value we’re all looking for.

An International Focus

I first ventured into international expansion at the age of 21, and have continued to capitalize on the opportunities global markets offer. Since then I’ve specialized in international expansion, opening or relaunching twelve markets since then. The sun never sets on my business, and it should never set on yours. My dream encompasses the whole world, so it’s large enough for anyone to fit in.

I’ve also found the typical hesitancy associated with MLMs tends to dissolve when bringing up international business. When you can back that up with a proven system, it creates the Holy Grail of opportunity. Not only does it provide a globally diverse income—generating revenue from all over the world—but you develop the opportunity to meet new people and travel as a VIP, instead of as a standard tourist.

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